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The future of heat shrink packaging machinery is so bright

The future of heat shrink packaging machinery is so bright

Issue Time:2019-10-28
The future of heat shrink packaging machinery is so bright

In recent years, with the strong demand for cost control and increasingly abundant packaging forms, heat shrink packaging machines have attracted more and more attention, and the usage has also increased significantly. So is the advantage of a heat shrink packaging machine limited to cheap? Let us see where the advantages of the heat shrink packaging machine are reflected?

Can reduce the cost by 30% compared with carton packaging.
Color film heat shrink packaging enhances product quality and promotes sales.
At present, most of the canned drinks and a large part of plastic bottled beverages are in the form of heat shrinkable packaging, which is a very promising form of packaging.

The relevant person in charge of Qingdao Sanweihe Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd., which produced the heat shrink packaging machine earlier in China, calculated the bill: after replacing the carton with heat shrinking, the cost can be reduced by at least 30%. This is the most important reason why heat shrinking technology attracts the beverage industry. Of course, the current heat shrink packaging is relatively inferior to the protection function of the carton during transportation. As the consumer's consumption habits change, the specifications of the heat shrinkage have also changed greatly, from 2 bottles to 6 bottles. 12 bottles, therefore, beverage companies need to be able to meet the shrinkage equipment of different specifications of packaging, in addition, if you can add handles on different specifications of heat shrink packaging to facilitate consumer carrying, is the beverage company's most desirable. Flexible equipment and equipment that can provide individual packaging are the future development trend of heat shrink packaging technology. However, with the continuous development and innovation of heat shrinkable materials, the application of heat shrinkage in the beverage industry is bright!