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Development Status of Food Packaging Machine Industry in China

Development Status of Food Packaging Machine Industry in China

Issue Time:2015-06-18
At present, China's food machinery manufacturing is experiencing an important transformation. Food packaging machinery is developing towards high-speed, multi-functional and intelligent control to meet the needs of the market. In order to meet the demand of delivery date and reduce the cost of process circulation, the requirements of food packaging machinery can be evolved at a high speed in the future. Therefore, in the future development, only by using advanced technology can the food packaging industry enhance its competitiveness and ensure the sustainable development of enterprises. Food machinery manufacturing in China is undergoing an important transformation. Food packaging machinery is developing towards high-speed, multi-functional and intelligent control to meet the needs of the market.
Although China's packaging machinery industry has developed rapidly, compared with developed countries, there is a big gap in product variety, technology level and product quality. Developed countries have already applied high and new technologies such as computer control, laser technology, artificial intelligence, optical fiber, image sensing, industrial robots to packaging machinery, which have just begun to be adopted in the packaging machinery industry of our country; the gap of varieties of packaging machinery products in our country is about 30% to 40%; there is a certain gap in the performance and appearance quality of packaging machinery products. Therefore, we must take strong measures to further speed up the development of packaging machinery industry and strive to catch up with the world's advanced level as soon as possible.
In order to meet the requirements of delivery time and reduce the cost of process circulation, food packaging machinery in the future requires high-speed production. For some products, packaging machinery and production machinery are also required to link up, and continuous or multi-working mode can also be adopted. In addition, the waste rate and failure rate must be reduced to improve the normal productivity. The development trend is to further automate packaging machinery.
Intelligent Packaging Market Development "Blue Sea"

With the development of science and technology, intellectualization has become the blue sea of market development. As a sunrise industry, as long as the industry is closely related to intelligence, it has gained tremendous packaging. With the high incidence of food safety incidents, intelligent packaging has become the focus of packaging industry development. Influenced by some factors, the development of intelligent packaging in China is still in its infancy, which needs strong market impetus to promote its development. Intelligent packaging refers to people's innovative thinking, adding more new technology components in packaging, so that it not only has the basic functions of general packaging, but also has some special properties.

The special properties of these packages can meet the special requirements of commodities and special environmental conditions. At present, the packaging technology with mechanical, electrical, electronic and chemical properties is mainly used. Intelligent packaging market continues to expand, the domestic food safety situation is very grim, and has reached an imminent degree, so we urgently need to improve the intellectualization of packaging, to maximize the use of various means to ensure food safety. Intelligent packaging is a powerful measure to ensure food safety, which needs to be developed urgently.

Intelligent packaging has gained enough attention and development in developed countries, but in China, the research and development of intelligent packaging and its application in various fields are still in the initial stage. But at the same time, he pointed out that, from another point of view, although the application of intelligent packaging in China lags behind that in developed countries, there is a broad profit margin waiting to be tapped in the intelligent packaging market in China.

Generally speaking, abroad only defines TTI, MGI, photochromic indicator, physical impact indicator, leakage, microbial contamination indicator, radio frequency tag (RFID), DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) tag as intelligent packaging; while AT packaging, antimicrobial packaging, ethylene adsorption packaging, oxygen absorption package are defined as intelligent packaging. Packaging, self-heating/self-cooling packaging, odor absorption packaging, aroma release packaging, moisture absorption packaging are defined as functional packaging.

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