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Automatic packaging machine will gradually replace tradition and become the mainstream

Automatic packaging machine will gradually replace tradition and become the mainstream

Issue Time:2019-05-09


Before the emergence of packaging machinery, all product packaging relied almost entirely on human resources, not only slowly, but also in the packaging of standardization, accuracy, aesthetic degree are often unsatisfactory, but also caused a huge waste of human costs. With the emergence of all kinds of packaging machinery, especially the emergence of automatic packaging lines in recent years, only a few or even one person can be responsible for the operation of the entire packaging workshop, which has become an important driving force for industrial modernization.

However, the late start and rapid development are the obvious characteristics of China's domestic packaging machinery industry. At present, the whole industry has gradually entered a period of product restructuring and improving innovation ability. Some packaging machinery has filled the domestic gap, and can basically meet the needs of the domestic market. Some products have also been exported. But overall quality is not high, big but not strong, independent innovation ability is weak, international market competitiveness is not strong, compared with the international advanced level, the gap is still very obvious.
Industry insiders pointed out that the new packaging machine with intelligent and automatic functions will gradually replace the traditional and become the mainstream in the future. This is an effective way for packaging machinery enterprises to achieve sustainable development, and also the ultimate goal of technological reform.

Relevant experts suggest that the packaging machinery industry in China can develop healthily only by replacing the traditional mode of blindly introducing and imitating with scientific and technological innovation, close to users and independent research and development as soon as possible. At present, the industry is facing an important moment of a new round of structural adjustment, technological upgrading and product replacement. Domestic enterprises need to develop enterprises and enhance their competitiveness through independent innovation and deep digestion, with a pragmatic attitude, in order to become giants in packaging machinery industry.

At present, the trend of intellectualization and automation in packaging machinery industry is very obvious. Although China is a big country of packaging machinery production, its strength in two aspects is relatively weak, and it can not meet the current production needs.

To truly become a powerful country in packaging machinery production, we must promote the packaging machinery industry to transform to high-end production, vigorously develop in automation control, intelligent operation and other aspects, and actively launch a impact on the industry's super-first-class level. Let packaging mechanization not only become the trend of industrial modernization, but also become the real driving force of industrial modernization.

Date of occurrence:2019-05-11