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Good Operation Experiences of Sanweihe Automatic Packing Machine

Good Operation Experiences of Sanweihe Automatic Packing Machine

Issue Time:2019-05-09
Operation experience of automatic packing machine

Automatic packing machine good operation experience, automatic packing machine as the crystallization of the progress of the times, have more advanced packaging production technology, can automatically feeding product, print date, seal, output in the process of work, can automatically adjust the details of the equipment according to the needs of customers, the whole packaging process is fully automated. At the same time, efficiency greatly reduces the production costs of enterprises.

1. Adding practical convenient to the packing machine for the operators. This machine has six or eight working stations. In the aspect of electric control system, it adopts advanced Mitsubishi PLC with color touch screen, friendly man-machine interface and convenient operation.

2. The automatic packing machine adds health and safety color to our everybody's life. This machine is a packaging machine that meets the hygienic standard of food processing machinery. The parts and components contacted with materials and packaging bags on the machine are processed with materials that meet the requirements of food hygiene to ensure food hygiene and safety.

3. Bag-forming packaging machine is more environmentally friendly and green for industrialization. The automatic detection device for machine standard matching can detect the air pressure, temperature controller failure, to judge the machine status, and to control whether the printer, filling device and thermal packaging device operate or not, so as to avoid waste of packaging materials and raw materials about production costs, thereby reducing pollution.

Date of occurrence:2019-05-07