Production of packaging machinery for more than 19 years
We are manufacture of automatic packing machinery as well as related equipment for more than 19 years, At present, our products cover five categories of more than ten varieties and their auxiliary products.
Our machines include horizontal flow wrapping machine, shrink wrapping machine, Automatic packing machine for mosquito mat, Noodle automatic weighing and packing machine, Tray-free over-wrapping machine, These automatic wrapping machines apply to pack the blocky articles, such as foodstuff, light industrial components, daily necessities, medicine and so on.
Service and philosophy
As one of the top-leading company for providing quality packing machinery, as we are in manufacturing horizontal flow packing machinery for many years, we offers not only advanced wrapping machinery but also bring a turn-key solution for the packaging to our customers.
The company principle in business is that regard the people as the dominant factor, sincere to customers and try to win the market with high quality.
  • We are manufacture but not trade company,almost 20 years of manufacturing experience

  • Leading company in shrink packing machinery

  • Only producer for mosquito mat dosing and packing machine

  • We provide competitive price as we are manufacture company

  • We have professional staff who can advise you the suitable choice for your    specific need

  • Our professional workers will make the perfect product and provide after-sales service for you

OUR commitment
  • Guarantee period will be 1 year
  • We offer after sale service, you can send email or call us when have some problem, we will help you to solve the technical problem freely, we will also send the spare
  • Parts for replacement, of course the spare parts are not for free
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    Good operation experience of automatic packing machine

    Automatic packing machine good operation experience, automatic packing machine as the crystallization of the progress of the times, have more advanced packaging production technology, can automatically feeding product, print date, seal, output in the process of work, can automatically adjust the details of the equipment according to the needs of customers, the whole packaging process is fully automated production, in order to improve enterprise production. At the same time, efficiency greatly reduces the production costs of enterprises.
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    Automatic packaging machine will gradually replace tradition and become the mainstream

    Before the emergence of packaging machinery, all product packaging relied almost entirely on human resources, not only slowly, but also in the packaging of standardization, accuracy, aesthetic degree are often unsatisfactory, but also caused a huge waste of human costs. With the emergence of all kinds of packaging machinery, especially the emergence of automatic packaging lines in recent years, only a few or even one person can be responsible for the operation of the entire packaging workshop, which has become an important driving force for industrial modernization.